10 Nail Art Designs Using Household Items: The Ultimate Guide!

10 Nail Art Designs Using Household Products! Today’s nail art tutorial is a big ultimate guide that will highlight 10 different nail art designs that you could DIY in your own home using common products that you could find around your home! These nail hacks may have you creating simple and easy , cute nail art designs very quickly!


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♡ Nailpolish ♡

✦ Base Coat, All downhill Snow: OPI

✦ Water Melon, Festival, Cyan, Cherish, Honey Dew, Ocean Jewel, Bardot, Sorbet, Calm, Sizzle, Gloss On The Top!: Picture Polish

✦ Mint, Deep Blue, Lavender, Sheer White-colored, Yellow Nailpolish: Minnie’s DIY polish

✦ Neon Orange: Past the Nail

♡ Acrylic Paint ♡

Black Acrylic Paint: Jo Sonja’s or Chromacryl

♡ Other Tools ♡

✦ Sticky Tape

✦ Bath Puff

✦ Makeup Sponge

✦ Toothpicks

✦ Plastic Wrap

✦ Craft Scissors

✦ Sandwich Bag

✦ Craft Puncher

✦ Pencil

✦ Cotton Tips


★ TIPS & Methods You Should Know:

✦ Paint Your Nails Perfectly:

✦ Increase Your Nails Fast:

✦ How To Prevent Smudging Your Nail Art:

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✦ 5 Methods to Stop Biting Your Nails:

✦ Shape Your Nails Perfectly Square:

✦ Fix A Damaged Nail Fast:

✦ Prep Your Nails Before Painting Them:

✦ Dry Your Nails Fast:


✦ Easily Remove Glitter Nailpolish:

✦ My Nail Care Routine:


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♡ CAMERA Accustomed To FILM:


♡ CAMERA Employed For PHOTOS:







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