11 Genius Ways To Upcycle Loads Of Household Items!

Minimise your waste and set your old toys to make use of using these 11 genius methods to upcycle normal household products!


:00 – Old Socks Handwarmer

1:00 – Old Toys Doorstop

1:38 – DIY Bubble Blower

2:25 – Glitter Bottle

3:44 – Bottle Of Wine Food Containers

5:11 – Old Toys Lamp Decoration

5:35 – Superman Backpack

7:02 – Illuminate Animal Slippers

7:49 – Woolly Sock Pencil Situation

8:53 – Tooth Fairy Toy

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9:47 – Glow At Nighttime Unicorn Footwear

Craft Factory will educate you the way to DIY – from upcycling old clothes to transforming food into pretty designs, we’ve it covered.

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