7 EASY Magic Tricks with Household Items | How To Magic!

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Within this episode of methods To Magic, Evan Era from EvanEraTV shows 7 Simple To Do Magic Methods with Household Products. Many of these products are available throughout the house and all sorts of magic methods and magic pranks are described step-by-step with instructions for every one. Perfect magic methods for children, beginner magicians, and much more! All secrets uncovered and magic methods revealed! Super simple secrets, common everyday objects, amazing methods 🙂 Thanks for the love #eraSQUAD – if you are a new comer to the funnel make sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button and thanks for visiting the household 🙂 Laugh@Existence my buddies! L@L

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Magic Pranks & Methods Revealed within this Video:

1.) Label Through Bottle Magic Trick Explanation – :52

2.) Gold coin To Plastic Bag Magic Trick Revealed – 2:59

3.) 2 Coins Transpo Magic Gold coin Trick Revealed – 4:44

4.) Bending Paperclip Mind Bend Magic Trick – 5:31

5.) Magic Tic Tacs Orange to White-colored Change Trick – 6:49

6.) Provide Puke Handmade Cards from Mouth Trick – 7:45

7.) Can of Household Cleaner Magic Change Trick – 8:36

Bonus) Water To Snow from Hands Thumb Tip Trick – 9:30

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