Diy Wall Mirror| Wall Decor Using Household Items! Simple and Inexpensive!

This Diy Wall Mirror Decor is definitely an Affordable Method to add Glam towards the Home! It’s a Wall Decorating concept that is made using Kitchen products like Trays and spoons! It’s a Wall Decorating concept that adds style to some boring searching Wall. I made use of accessible products with this project. It’s also an easy and Affordable Method to Add Style towards the Walls in your home with a shorter period, Money and energy.

The important thing words”Cheap, Fast and simple are words I bear in mind when designing a Decor Piece for that Home

Listed here are the products used:

Dollar Tree Plastic trays (4)

11”x14” Mirror

Silver Plastic Spoons

Silver Rust Oleum Spray Paint

Paint sticks 3 packs of huge! From Walmart.

Paint sticks (2 small ones) from Walmart

This video shows hidden potentials little products might have and cooking techniques for decorating.

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