Full Body Fitness Using Household Items | Workout

Our fitness experts are here to help keep you active once we self-isolate and then practice physical distancing! No equiptment? Not a problem! We encourage you to definitely #stayhomestayactive with this particular #Tabata Timing Workout from Anthony Lam using only a situation water!

Perform all these exercises for 8 models and as many as 4 minutes each. The entire workout must take no more than 25 minutes. You may also make use of a lighter household item when the situation water is simply too heavy for you personally.

1️⃣ 20 sec of reverse Lunges + 10 sec rest

2️⃣ 20 sec of rows + 10 sec rest

3️⃣ 20 sec of squat & press + 10 sec rest

4️⃣ 20 sec of laying leg raise + 10 sec rest

5️⃣ 20 sec of push-up and tap + 10 sec rest

6️⃣ 20 sec of bicep curl + 10 sec rest”

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Look for videos, workouts along with other sources as our knowledgeable staff demonstrate the best way to continue simple tips and exercises in your own home.

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