Household Items for Your Plants! | Everyday Items with a Planty Purpose

I think you’ll enjoyed listening to some household products which you can use for the plants! When I discuss within this video, houseplants are trendy and increasing! However that does not imply that we have to break your budget buying a lot of stuff on their behalf. We really have lots of products we use every single day that may work wonderfully for the plants! Did I miss anything?! Comment lower below!


pest/yeast control: 2:06

leaf shining/cleaning: 5:06

plant care/misc: 9:54

plant display: 11:44

Pest/yeast control:

Peroxide (root rot and fungus gnats):

Rubbing alcohol:

Dish soap (Dr Bronners unscented soap):

Ground cinnamon:

Leaf shining and cleaning:

Fresh lemon juice (any citrus) & water



Baby wipes



Spoons for small crevices

Serving spoons for mixing soil:

Paint or makeup brushes

Coffee filters for the foot of the pot:

Tongs to repot cactus:

Old candle lights for cache containers

Watering: (I totally didn’t remember to say this within the video… agh!)

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Mixing bowls for bottom watering

Incomplete cans of seltzer water

Cookie sheets to trap water from hanging plants

Poultry baster:

Refillable condiment bottles to water sensitive plants

Utilizing a kettle to warm water up a little

Plant care/misc:

Cooking skewers


Bobby-pins to create trailing plants larger

Plant display:


Fruit baskets:

Champaign glasses for water prop

Regular glass jars and cups for propagating

Plates for saucers

I have linked products I possibly could find on Amazon . com (affiliate links), however, you should curently have lots of these items throughout the house!

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