Part 2 – 20 Texture making ideas using household items/art and craft/mixed media/Mural art

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20 Texture making ideas using household products (Part 2) for Mural art, Mixed Media and Bottle art By CreatievCat


This tutorial is all about my Texture making Tips that are really helpful for many artistic representations like Mural, Mixed Media and Bottle Art.

Hope it can help you making individuals beautiful textures.

20 Texture making Ideas using household products Part 1

Listed here are the hyperlinks for materials used

Fevicryl Gem Colors (For India)

Fevicryl Metallic colors(For India)

Fevicryl Acrylic colors(For India)

Fevicol Glue (For India)

Clay Modelling Tools(Plastic)(For India)

Bestseller Household Items on Amazon

Clay Modelling Tools(Metal with wooden handle)(For India)

**Modelling Clay(For India)

Fevicryl Mould-it/Shilpkaar

I personally use much like these

Craft Knife/Precision Knife(For India)

Styling Brushes(For India)

Glue Gun(For India)

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