PINK FLOYD – Household Objects (EP) [1974]

PINK FLOYD – Household Objects (Air) [1974]


01 – Wine Glasses (in the “Household Objects” project)

02 – Thanks For Visiting The Device (Original Album Version)

03 – Possess A Cigar (Alternate Version)

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04 – Hard Way (in the “Household Objects” project)

05 – Wish You Had Been Here (task. Stéphane Grappelli on violin)

Following the prosperity of “The Negative Side from the Moon,” Pink Floyd were unclear about their future direction they concerned about the way they could top that record’s huge recognition. Inside a go back to their experimental beginnings, they started focus on a task titled “Household Objects”, which may contain songs performed on household appliances, hands mixers, rubber bands extended between two tables, wine glasses and so forth. The planned album was soon shelved. “Wine Glasses” was later integrated into the outlet of “Shine For You Crazy Gemstone” (written like a tribute and remembrance for their former band member, Syd Barrett).

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