Radioactive Household Items

Within this video I’ll show common household products that contains various isotopes both natural and manufactured. The very first is natural uranium. Next I show uranium glass and fiesta ware. Both contain uranium. Next I proceed to the radium watches and clocks. Using their I show thorium lantern mantles and welding rods. Surprisingly, Thorium can be used within the mantles due to its elemental qualities not due to its radioactivity. Its radioactive qualities are utilized within the welding rods to ionize the environment round the fishing rod help to make better welds. The tritinite that’s proven contained many isotopes if this was produced however the only real detectable isotopes is Cs-137. The exit sign contains tritium or H-3 which decays into He-3 an isotope generally utilized in neutron detectors. Finally the smoke detector source contains Am-241 that emits both alpha and incredibly low energy gamma radiation. We do hope you benefit from the video you can comment and that i could be glad to reply to any queries. All things in the recording is within full complacence using the NRC rules available on their own websites. I follow all rules and laws and regulations. All material observed in the recording above are exempt amount of consequence material. More details are available online.

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