Using Household Items with an Implanted Pacemaker/ICD. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) explained

Maybe you have requested yourself “Can One make use of this household item securely with my implanted device?” Microwaves, power drills, electric blankets, lawnmowers and much more all can be utilized with a little bit of understanding and precaution.

Find out how the products we use within our homes every single day generate electromagnetic energy, or electromagnetic interference (EMI) and just how that interference can communicate with our devices when we aren’t careful. Being safe is simple, so we can securely use 99% from the household products around us with somewhat precaution. Find out about EM fields, the way they communicate with our devices, and just what safeguards we are able to decide to try live securely, free of fear.

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***Please be aware, I’m not your personal doctor giving medical device. To learn more google the your medical device manufacturer + the word “electromagnetic compatibility guide”. There there is also a printed guide your device manufacturer has produced that will help you better understand which products you should use securely and which products require a little more care. A lot of the data out of this video was obtained from the EMC guides created by Medtronic, Boston Scientific and Abbott (formerly St. Jude).

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